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How to configure secondary IPs

Updated: Mar 9

You can create multiple Endpoints on an Endpoint Node without the need for any additional configuration requirements. This document only applies to a hypothetical case.

Secondary IPs feature might be needed in rare exceptional cases. For example, there is already an endpoint on the Node that connects to a remote private application running on TCP with destination port X. Now you need to create a new endpoint on the same Node that connects to an unrelated application, and for whatever reason, this application runs on the the exact same port.

Secondary IPs are not needed if the endpoint connecting to a remote private application that runs on HTTPS, HTTP or TCP/UDP with a unique destination port number.

The configuration steps are as follows.

Step 1. Reserve IP addresses on the subnet

Each Endpoint on an Endpoint Node requires an IP address for App Service DNS resolution to point to. The first Endpoint on an Endpoint Node uses the primary IP address of the Node.

To create more Endpoints on the same node, the Endpoint Node needs to take up secondary IP addresses. These secondary IP addresses are unused IP addresses on the subnet where the Endpoint Node is deployed. Consult your system administrator to reserve an allocation of unused IP address on the subnet. The number of reserved IP addresses determines how many Endpoints can be created on this Endpoint Node. The IP addresses do not need to be contiguous. Make a note of the reserved IP addresses.

Step 2. Add Secondary IPs

  1. At the main navigation menu, click Endpoint Nodes.

  2. Select the desired Endpoint Node.

  3. Click Actions

  4. Click Add Secondary IPs

  5. Enter one or more IP addresses you obtained from Step 1. Multiple IP addresses are entered with comma separated. For example, if you enter,,, then 3 more Endpoints can be created on this Endpoint Node.

  6. Click Save

Step 3. Create Endpoint

Follow the instructions on How to create an Endpoint to create more Endpoints.

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