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How to setup billing

Updated: Jan 30

To seutp billing, follow the steps below.

  1. login to the Bumblebee platform console

  2. On the top right corner where your login name is displayed, click the login dropdown menu

  3. Click Billing

There are two billing options: via AWS Marketplace or on the Bumblebee platform itself.

Billing setup via AWS Marketplace

If you or your organization has an AWS account, this is the least friction way to go. You subscribe to the Bumblebee SaaS offer on the AWS marketplace and get billed as part of your monthly AWS billing. No contract needed and you may cancel anytime. You do not need to consumer any AWS resources in order to use this option, just need to have an account with payment configured on it. For information on creating on AWS account, click this link.

Follow the steps below to setup billing via AWS marketplace after the above 3 steps.

  1. To enable billing through AWS Marketplace, click Go to AWS Marketplace. This wll redirect you to AWS portal.

  2. Login to AWS console if you have not done so

  3. Once you login, the redirect page should display Bumblebee offer.

  4. Click View purchase options

  5. Click Subscribe

  6. [IMPORTANT] Click the button "Set up your account" as shown below. This redirects you back to Bumblebee platform portal.

  7. Login with your Bumblebee platform account. This completes the association between your AWS subscription and your Bumblebee account.

Link AWS subscription with Bumblebee account
Link AWS subscription with Bumblebee account

Billing via Bumblebee Networks Platform

The second option is billing via Bumblebee platform. Bumblebee platform integrates with Stripe for payment, we do not store or have access to your credit card information.

  1. To enable billing on Bumblebee platform, click Setup Payment

  2. Fill in your payment instruction

  3. Click Submit.

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