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Global Private Link 

Bumblebee Networks provides a Global Private Link service to connect private applications with encryption and zero-trust policy. 


Publish your applications and connect applications, branch offices and users to securely access them on-prem or in the cloud. Support both app to app and user to app accesses. Learn more...


Cloud Scale performance

Zero trust

Bumblebee Global Private Link Service

Use Cases

Extend user experience of cloud provider's private link service to cross region, multi-cloud, on-prem and remote workers.

App to App connectivity

Reduce time to market for applications. Use the Bumblebee Networks platform to authenticate, authorize and securely connect your partners and customers to your applications privately. Support both app to app and user to app access. Learn more...

B2B SaaS

Native integration to securely connect your cloud SaaS back to enterprises for service integration. And native integration to securely connect customers in different cloud to access your SaaS

Branch Connectivity

Connecting branch offices to data center or cloud is made easy using Global Private Link network mode. 

Private Link

Private Link services for on-prem,  cross regions and multi-cloud. Learn more..

IP Whitelisting

Removing the ongoing headache of whitelisting the ever changing public IP addresses for protecting your applications. If it's the third party user agents accessing application, authenticate them against their own domains. 

Built for Productivity

Our platform is designed to help you find the right applications, connect with other users, and collaborate more effectively.

All-in-One Platform

Secure File Sharing

Complete Control

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To learn more...

Check out our FAQs and the documents to learn more. 

All-in-One Platform

end-to-end encryption

Complete Control

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Networking, infrastructure and DevOps engineers and application owners deserve better tools to build secure connectivity of private applications

Bumblebee Networks is simple


  • Applying PrivateLink experience to on-prem, cross region and multi-cloud

  • DNS and IP addresses are all you need to know

  • Completely eliminating outages caused by network addresses overlap

  • No IPSec to manage

  • Decoupling the changes of two sides

  • A marketplace to publish and manage applications and consumers

  • No agents on devices or servers for app to app access

  • Agent support for user to app access

  • No disruption to existing network (no network routing anywhere)

  • Co-exists with existing solutions for seamless migration

Bumblebee Networks is secure


  • Request and approval process to guarantee only authenticated and authorized consumers have access to your applications

  • Enforced application segmentation and isolation

  • End-to-end TLS encryption for on-prem applications

  • Most advanced cipher mode of AES-256-GCM for all encryptions

  • Visibility to user agents' identity and activities

  • User agents authenticate to their own organizations

  • Single tenant data path

  • All Endpoints and App Services are private with no attack surface

Bumblebee Networks is scalable

10x ROI

  • Time to revenue reduction by a factor of 10

  • Unlimited encryption performance

  • Automatic security and vulnerability patching

  • No hassle no downtime automatic software upgrade

  • End-to-end troubleshoot

  • End-to-end Latency and bandwidth consumption visibility

  • Cloud backbone designed for unlimited scale

  • Virtual machines or hardware as on-prem endpoints and app services for fast deployment.

Software Pricing Model

Pay as you go software

Endpoint: $0.10/hour per 500mbps

App Service: $0.10/hour per 500mbps

User Agent: $0.02/hour

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