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How to increase on-prem Endpoint performance by scaling out

Updated: Feb 2

This document shows you how to increase on-prem Endpoint performance.

Illustration of Endpoints in endpoint node group
Illustration of Endpoints in endpoint node group

An on-prem Endpoint is always created in a Endpoint Node group. To increase Endpoint performance, add a new Endpoint Node to the same Endpoint Node group and add a new Endpoint for the same App Service on the node. When you add a new Endpoint in the same node group for the same App Service, the Endpoint is automatically approved by the App Service.

Follow the instructions below to create a new Endpoint Node from the Bumblebee Networks console.

Step 1 (to increase on-prem Endpoint performance). Create a new Endpoint Node

  1. Click Endpoint Nodes

  2. Click Create Endpoint Node

  3. Enter a name for the Endpoint Node name

  4. For Endpoint Node Group, select Use Existing

  5. Select one node group

  6. Click Create Endpoint Node

  7. Click Prepare OVA for Download

  8. Click Download

  9. Install the OVA in the same on-prem location as the already installed node. It does not need to be on the same subnet.

  10. Boot up the OVA.

  11. On the Bumblebee console, you should see it registered and in up state. If it does not come up, follow up the instructions here to troubleshoot.

Step 2. Create a new Endpoint for the same App Service

Follow the instructions here to create a new Endpoint for the same App Service on the newly deployed Endpoint Node.

Hosts initiated traffic will be load balanced to different Endpoints from this point on.

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