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How to scale a Bumblebee Endpoint for cloud deployment

This document describes to you how to scale up or down a Bumblebee Endpoint for cloud deployment. It applies to AWS and Azure. The use case is to connect an VPC or VNet to an App Service on-prem or in the cloud. For how to configure an Bumblebee Endpoint, refer to How to create an Endpoint for consumers in AWS VPC

(To scale a Bumblebee Endpoint for on-prem deployment, check out How to increase on-prem Endpoint performance by scaling out.

When you first launches a Bumblebee endpoint for AWS or Azure, the endpoint size is 1, it has a sustained throughput of 500mbps with a burst rate to 2Gbps. Here are the steps to size up or down.

  1. Login to Bumblebee portal

  2. At the left navigation bar, click Endpoints

  3. Select the Endpoint of interest, click Actions -> Resize Endpoints

  4. Select Size Up to increase the size by 1, select Size Down to decrease the size by 1.

  5. Click Confirm.

Bumblebee Endpoint for AWS
Bumblebee Endpoint for AWS

The current maximum number of size for the Endpoint is 500 which is equivalent to 250Gbps. If you need anything beyond this throughput, contact

Each additional size is billed the same as one Endpoint.

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